4-Year-old Girl walks Five Miles in Minus 24C Temperature to Get Help For Her Grandmother


Saglana-with-her-mom-EleanoraA four-year-old girl had braved marauding wolves to walk five miles on a frozen river in chilling minus 24C temperatures in a desperate attempt to get help for her grandmother.

The lass, Sagla Salchak has been commended as one of the bravest in Siberia as she walked through chest deep snow to get to her family’s nearest neighbours in their remote cattle-rearing outpost, not far from Mongolia.

The little girl had woken early to hug her grandmother who was her main carer and came to the realisation that the 60-year-old woman was cold, she then stirred her totally blind grandfather, who suspected his wife was dead.

Not knowing it was only 6am and pitch black, he told her to reach their nearest neighbours, who were five miles away by walking along the path of a frozen river in the Tuva region of Siberia.River-along-which-Saglana-walked

The journey, which took Sagna about three hours to complete, had her near exhaustion when she told her neighbours, “It seems my granny is dead.” Her neighbours, with their satellite phone called the authorities. When doctors got to the scene, her grandmother was confirmed dead of a heart attack, they were however, able to safe her visually-impaired grandfather.

One local, speaking about her brave walk said, “She was lucky not to be killed by wolves as there are many along this route and they often attack cattle.”

According to local reports, “Saglana was sent to hospital, but found to be none the worse for her ordeal.”

Local politicians have lined up to visit Saglana in hospital to praise her bravery.